About Project Feijoa

There are at least three people who thought this could be good

Project Feijoa are a band based in Wellington, in the North Island of New Zealand.  The music they play is their own strange brew, a Kiwi-ised, slightly folky, sometimes rocky sort of SoCal Mexicana which they call....

Spanish American Kiwi Folk Rock 'n roll

It all started when the other two found out Bob had some songs and a cool place to rehearse.  The songs might not have been great, but they started well and after a lot of rehearsals, some of them now have great endings as well.  That's all people ever remember; the beginning and the end.  They don't need to be good all the way through.  Bob can also cook, and has a certificate from Glasgow College of Food Technology to prove it.  This is a man who knows which fork to use, if not which scale. 

Emily .. well, she was a girl and as a bonus, she could also play; she was actually musical.  This often doesn't matter, but crucially, she played the piano and the violin, both of which look excellent in promo shots, even if your photographer turns out to be a hack.  You can't muck up a shiny black piano with a girl sitting in front of it.  Also, Emily has an amazing collection of dresses and shoes and like Princess Diana, she hasn't yet worn the same combination twice. 

Then there's Rob, who has three piece suits and a double bass.  All musicians know that a suit and a double bass increases the fee you can charge, because it all means people will take you seriously; they think you're a jazz group, and therefore might know what you're doing.  When you turn up, in suits, and you've got a girl in a dress, and a double bass, and then don't actually play jazz, they're grateful, sometimes enough to book you again.  Bob and Rob actually met at a ceilidh, but they don't talk about that.  Anyway, when the others found out that Rob had a yellow Fender PB from the 70s, and secretly played John Mayer riffs on it, they finally began to respect him, and now look on him as an inspiration. He the man. 

Rob is also rumoured to be the new Dr Who.